COMICS: Free Comic Book Day 2017

This week I am finishing final exams at school, so it’ll be a quick post. Here are the comics I picked up on Free Comic Book Day 2017:
I received this as I walked out of the theater at the end of Guardian’s of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I haven’t read it yet but expect a fun little story. I don’t set my expectations too high for things like this.

Like each year’s episode, this is a nice little story which includes the most recent four doctors. As expected, the Free Comic Book Day edition is full of advertisements, but it felt like a complete story.

I did not grow up watching a lot of Star Trek, but we watched a few episodes. I always enjoyed watching Patrick Stewart.

I was hoping to pick up a copy of this, but my comic store did not carry it. It has been a while since I have watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I was hoping to get a little taste of that world again. I wonder…how can I acquire a copy after Free Comic Book Day is over?
Expect a bonus book review later this week!
Art: Local musician Forrest Wakeman released his album “Messes to Miracles” yesterday.
Article: Here is an intense look at each episode of Black Mirror.
Link: Latin Per Diem is a helpful resource from my Greek professor. In addition to a daily 4-minute video of a Latin or Greek translation, it if full of links to other resources and open source texts. I hope to keep my Greek fresh over the summer.

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