REVIEW: The Imperfect Disciple

The Imperfect Disciple did not take me very long to read. As I read, it settled my soul.

At the opening, Wilson met me where I’m at. While I grew up in a good church, I certainly had the “Baptist experience,” complete with baggage and certain expectations. I was able to say, “Hey, me too!” at a few moments, without feeling at all forced.

I found it a little difficult to see why Wilson structured the chapters like he did, or why he chose those aspects for each chapter. I do not know if I will remember specific passages from this book in five years, but it connected with where I am today. Chapters 3 and 8 especially connected with things I have been thinking through lately.

Wilson shared a compelling vision for being daily in the Word and in prayer, much more exciting than, “Because God says you should.” Chapters 4 and 5 paired together well to remind me the value of appropriate silence before God.

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